5 Word Challenge

So I’ve decided to make a little adaption to Janet Fitch’s The Word: Stories. I adore the spontaneity of her self made challenge, which involves picking a random word out of an adorable (optional) little bag and writing a 2 page story using the word at least once. I’ve used her method as inspiration to my own version, with a few differences to make it ‘easier’ for me. Maybe I’ll get stricter on myself, but for now these changes make this challenge much more do-able for me.

For starters, one word is not enough for me to work with! So I’m using a random word generator where you can receive between  2-10 words. Nor do I give myself a word/page limit, I’m just going to use all the words and let the stories end when they feel like it.

So here’s to getting over this year long writers block I’ve evidently been suffering from!
Feel free to join me 😉


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