Mini -Post Monday

Of course my first Mini-post Monday is a dull one, some highlights though

  • Boyfriend and I found out we get to take the Chipmonkey trick-or-treating this year, because it falls on a Friday!! ASK ME HOW EXCITED I AM! SO FUCKING EXCITED OKAY! 
  • I invited Chipmonkey’s mama, her boyfriend and his spawns to come with us, and would genuinely enjoy it if they came. This is sort of a ‘piss-off’ to my periodic insecurities, as she’s one of the few women I would really like to get to know better. Boo-yah for feeling like a grown up now and again!
  • 100$ cheques out of the blue? Well thank you ServiceCanada! Might there be disposable income after the rent gets paid?! Stay tuned to find out…
  • No. No there was not.
  • I’m currently eating Smartie ice cream from the tub with a plastic kids spoon, regretting my false rejoice at being a grown-up.

This post (and all future Mini-post Monday’s) were inspired by Tempest Rose, who’s entire blog you should probably go ahead and check out, right now. Why are you even still reading this.. Not convinced? Then enjoy this delicious little excerpt from her About;
“What began as a personal journey of fuckism has translated into images of bacon and the third toe on the right that resonate with LGBT people to question their own plaidness.”

If you haven’t already opened up her page then there is no hope left for you, and I apologize for your lack of sense and humor.

3 thoughts on “Mini -Post Monday

      • Oh, you did! Ugh, I’m sorry — something’s wrong with the linkback to that page, I never get notifications when someone does it. I’ve followed you, I’ll just look for your posts (or you can comment them, if you’d like).


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